Professional Education for Providers

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Annual Fall Professional Event

Each fall, Shepherd's Counseling Services hosts a professional development workshop for providers on a topic related to increasing understanding about how to best serve adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. To receive announcements, join our mailing list. Announcements are sent by email and postal mail.


Training and Consultation Resources

Shepherd's Counseling Services offers a range of resources for health-care providers: 

  • Workshops for professionals
  • Training and consultation to mental health and medical and dental providers
  • Annual professional training and support event sponsored by Shepherd's
  • Professional article: Common Symptoms of Childhood Sexual Abuse (PDF) 


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Shepherd's mission also encompasses community education and advocacy services.

Find resources to provide information and support for survivors.

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Annual Fall Professional Event

Past presentations include:

* Tracee Parker, MS, MA on Exploring the Intersection of Early Childhood Abuse and the Experience of Domestic Violence in Adulthood
* David L. Calof, on Common Mistakes in Treating D.I.D. Clients
* Jeffrey Morrison, MA, LMHC on Unwinding Trauma: A Focusing-Oriented Therapy Approach

* Michael Mayer, Ph.D. on Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy

* Debra Kaysen, Ph.D. on Cognitive Processing Therapy

* Sharon Stanley, Ph.D. on Somatic Transformation

* Trip Quillman, LICSW on Trauma, the Body and Neuroscience

* Laura van Dernoot Lipsky on Trauma Stewardship