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Join our Table Captain team!

Table Captains bring critical support to therapy services available at Shepherd's Counseling Services.

What is a Table Captain? Invite 7 friends to join you at your luncheon table. Introduce them to this valuable mission, and play an important role expanding the community supporting healing for survivors.

Contact Jill Armitage to learn more about being a Table Captain for the Second Annual Fall Luncheon: Finding Hope, Inspiring Healing.


Table Captain Toolkit

Here you will find information to help you as a Table Captain.

Please look through the resources on this page to learn about being a Table Captain including event details to communicate to your guests. 


Feel free to contact Jill any time with any questions. 


Welcome Table Captain!

Thank you for taking this leadership role to bring greater support to those who rely on Shepherd's Counseling Services to find healing from childhood sexual abuse.

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Thank you for the important difference you're making!