Stories of Healing

supporters.jpgWith your gift to Shepherd's, you can help men and women heal from the devastating effects of childhood sexual abuse and realize new opportunities for peace, stability and fulfillment in their lives.

"Sexual abuse has a huge ripple effect. It affects all those around you. Shepherd's not only saved my life, but my life is now more meaningful and productive." ~Shepherd’s Client

Here at Shepherd's, we hear amazing stories of healing and transformation, and we are deeply grateful for the support that allows us to offer our services to clients regardless of their financial need.

Your donation will:

  • Increase financial assistance to clients in need
  • Build community awareness of our services to reach more survivors
  • Raise awareness of the impact of childhood sexual abuse and the need for healing and prevention

"I thank you for providing safe harbor. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a whole person. I thank you for making the services affordable for people living at the margin." ~ Shepherd's Client

Your support makes our commitment to our clients possible.

Your gifts to Shepherd's Counseling Services allow us to serve clients in the way that provides them the best help and therapy for their individual needs, and gives us critically needed resources to reach out to more survivors of child sexual abuse.

  • Shepherd's is unique and vital as we provide affordable, professional, long-term therapy specifically to meet the needs of adult men and women who were sexually abused in childhood.
  • Our donors have given more than 2,000 men and women long-deserved new possibilities for their lives.

"Not only was the staff wonderful to work with, but they worked hard to help me come up with a price that I could afford. Group counseling has been essential to my healing path… and I am so grateful that Shepherd's has contributed to this journey." ~ Shepherd's Client

Your gift makes our communities stronger.

Social benefits of helping adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse include:

  • Improved personal relationships and improved parenting skills, which, in turn, support healthier families.
  • Life improvements such as creating stability in jobs and housing, returning to school, strengthening relationships, and improving health.

"Because of the help I've received at Shepherd's, I got my Bachelor's degree last year and decided that I want to work with survivors of abuse once I get out of grad school." ~ Shepherd's Client