Frequently asked questions

Q. How can I donate to Shepherd's?

A. You can donate online, by phone or by postal mail. Find out more.

Q. Where can I see details about Shepherd's financials?

A. Please see our annual reports.

Q. Can I help Shepherd's in other ways in addition to financial donations?

A. Yes! We need volunteers, including pro bono and other services, and members for our Board of Directors. You can even shop and search online to help Shepherd's.

Q. Is Shepherd's Counseling Services a nonprofit?

A. Yes, Shepherd's Counseling Services is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (federal tax ID # 94-3061441).

Q. Are my donations tax-deductible?

A. Yes, all donations to Shepherd's Counseling Services are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. If you have any questions about this, please contact your tax professional or feel free to contact our Development Director, Jill Armitage, at or (206) 321-2684.

Q. Will I get a receipt for my donation for my tax records?

A. Yes, we will mail you a donation receipt to the mailing address we have on record for you. Our thank you letter includes the name of our organization as recipient of your donation, and the date and amount of the donation. For information on what to keep for your tax records, please see IRS Publication 526.

Q. Can I give anonymously?

A. Yes, absolutely. We are committed to respecting your wishes. On our donation envelope, there is a box you can check to indicate your preference to remain anonymous. If you don't use this envelope, simply include your wish to remain anonymous with your donation and/or email. Or call our Development Director, Jill Armitage, at or (206) 321-2684 to let us know your preference.

Q. Will you sell or trade my personal information?

A. No. Protecting your privacy is very important to us. We keep all our records internally and do not share, sell, trade or otherwise provide anyone else access to our records of donors or recipients of our newsletters or other mailings.

Q. Do you accept credit card donations?

A. Yes, we accept donations using PayPal following the link on the Donate page. You can also call us directly at (206) 321-2684 to speak to Jill to make a donation over the phone using either Visa or MasterCard.

Q. How much of my donation will go directly to your programs and how much goes to administrative costs?

A. Each year, we report on how much of our income went to programs, fundraising and administration and publish this in our Annual Report (available online and mailed by request). In 2008, 79 percent of our total income directly supported programs; 7 percent was used for administrative support and 12 percent was used to support fundraising for programs.

Q. How many employees do you have?

A. Shepherd's has 2.125 FTE (full-time equivalent) employees. This includes the Executive Director, Development Director, Clinical Director and Office Manager. There are currently 8 therapists at Shepherd's; all work on contract and thus are not included in the FTE total. Their hours fluctuate based on how many clients and groups they have at any one time.

Q. Can I give a gift to Shepherd's in honor or in memory of someone? How will you recognize this?

A. Making a contribution to Shepherd's in someone's honor or memory is a very special gift. You can include this information on our donation envelope or on the printable donation form online. You can also include a note with your donation or call or email our Development Director, Jill Armitage ( or 206-321-2684) with this information. The names of those honored will be listed in our Annual Report.

Q. I would like to give a donation to Shepherd's as a gift to someone else. Will you let them know?

A. We are happy to provide the recipient of your gift to support Shepherd's with a card recognizing this gift. We normally send a nice note card that says that you have given a donation to Shepherd's Counseling Services in the name of the gift recipient. We do not disclose the amount of the gift. If you would like us to send this note, please include the name and mailing address of the person in whose name you are making your donation to Shepherd's.

Q. Do you accept requests for donations to Shepherd's in place of gifts in obituary notices?

A. Yes, if you have lost a loved one or are involved in preparing an obituary, you may request that memorial contributions be made to Shepherd's Counseling Services to support healing and new possibilities for individuals throughout our community.

If you would like to have brochures or gift envelopes available, or have any questions, please feel free to contact Jill Armitage, our development director, at or (206) 321-2684.

Q. What difference does my gift make?

A. Your donation will be used to increase:

  • Financial assistance to clients in need
  • Community awareness of our services to increase the number of clients served
  • Public knowledge of the impact of childhood sexual abuse in order to help break the cycle of abuse

Read more about how your donation helps.

Q. How can I indicate Shepherd's as my choice of nonprofit for my United Way gift?

A. If Shepherd's Counseling Services is not listed by your employer in your workplace giving campaign, you can designate Shepherd's Counseling Services in the "Specific Organization" or "donor option" section of your United Way pledge form. Contact your campaign coordinator with questions if you are not sure how to do this. If you need any additional help designating Shepherd's Counseling Services in a United Way campaign, please contact Jill Armitage, our development director, at or (206) 321-2684.

Q: I want to donate to Shepherd's in my workplace campaign, but can't find this option. Can you help with this?

A: Yes. In most cases, employees can designate any organization to receive their gift as long as it has a non-profit status. Shepherd's Counseling Services qualifies in this respect and employees can usually just enter our organization name and/or federal tax ID (# 94-3061441) in order to give to Shepherd's through workplace and corporate matching gift programs.

Occasionally, there are extra steps we need to take in order to set up our enrollment in a program before an employee can designate Shepherd's to receive their workplace gift. If you find that this is the case with your employer, please contact Jill Armitage, our development director, at or (206) 321-2684, and we will work with your employer to enroll in your workplace giving program.

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