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Many survivors carry the secret of sexual abuse in childhood well into adulthood before seeking help. You are not alone. We’re here to help.



Shepherd's is an inclusive organization and welcomes people of all races, colors, sexual orientations, gender identities, religions, ages, ancestries, ethnicities, and national origins. We are honored to provide therapy services specialized to meet the needs of adults who were sexually abused in childhood. Welcome!


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Injustice Meets Justice

May 6, 2017

Most of us hold a worldview that life should be fair and justice should be served. For adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse the world is, however, not a just place. The moment a child is sexually violated he or she finds out immediately that there is no justice in their world. There is no explanation, no logic, no sense to be made, and certainly no fairness when a child’s sense of safety and trust is shattered.... So what, exactly, does justice mean for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse? . . . (read more)


9-Paige-speaking.jpgI found a life worth living...

Read the story of one survivor's journey to healing: "It feels like those old movies where everything starts in black and white and then a switch is flipped and everything is touched by beautiful technicolor."

Paige's story.



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“I had no idea how much those early childhood experiences affected every aspect of my life, but with Shepherd’s help, I have learned so much ..."

Discover the healing in our Annual Report.


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Each of us has a story ... We want each and every adult survivor to know that sexual abuse is not the end of their story....


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